11 thoughts on “Yahoo, Quietly Improves Mail”

  1. More than the features I am concerned about YahooMail Beta’s speed (or lack of it). It’s not very bad but it still feels clunky. They say they are working on it but I guess cool new features garner more attention. So to get rid of the clunkiness will be low on their todo list.

  2. I agree … there has been some performance problem it seems with Yahoo. Cannot figure out what it is. I think they should do something about this. Perhaps more people talked about it, Yahoo would listen. I know they do, and are actually one of the more proactive companies out there.

  3. They also added a new spam button for each message and jazzed up the individual contacts entry this week. They haven’t updated their Yahoo Mail blog with the entire list of enhancements yet, but I assume it’s coming.

  4. I’ll preface this by saying that I work for Yahoo! on part of the beta.

    Trust me, we hear the complaints about slowness. Mostly we hear it internally from employees. 😉 The speed has been improving. Maybe not as fast as people would like, but it’s definitely being worked on. I think these latest releases are quite a bit faster than the first releases we put out back in September.

  5. Picking up the OddPost guys was a good move on Yahoo’s part. Though I must say, I really, really, really miss OddPost. It would randomly generate funny subject lines for you!

    That said, I intend to eventually move to an everything-powered-by-my-own-website approach as soon as possible.

  6. I just started using Yahoo! mail last week and it, but for two exceptions. Take the [Add] verbage off every calendar day and just let the user click on the day (obvious UI to me) and develop better sharing functionality like Google (multiple calendar viewing, easier sharing). I tried sharing a calendar with my dad and he couldn’t even get on. Sometimes one try is all you get with that generation.

  7. I am not impressed with the new Yahoo Mail Beta. The layout is neat but it’s quite slow if you scroll down for older mails. Plus the ads are super annoying, the reading area appears to be cramped. Recently I have opted out of Beta. it would be nice if Yahoo can have some simplicity in terms of ads.

  8. Bob, the Subject-O-Matique is actually in Yahoo! Mail Beta. When you compose a message, click on the subject button. It randomly generates a subject for you, just like it did in Oddpost.

  9. Since the new Yahoo! Mail does not support the Yahoo! Photos Easy Upload Tool, users that try the beta service lose the ability to embed photos in their e-mails. Very annoying!

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