6 thoughts on “Why Viacom needs Yahoo”

  1. It’s is definitely good news, especially for Yahoo. Looks like market is supporting Yahoo as well..

    “Shares of Viacom dropped 29 cents to $40.71 in midday trading Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange. Yahoo gained 31 cents, or 1 percent, to $31.95 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.” – Business Week

  2. Seems like Google has been taking a few on the chin lately. Viacom could dip on both ends if and when they get Google signed on. The release says its exclusive to Viacom properties, not YouTube.

  3. This is huge news for Yahoo. They need more ad space. More ad space = more clicks. More clicks = more advertisers. More advertisers = more relevant ads, happier consumers and higher CTRs and CPCs. It is a nasty network effort and unless Yahoo hurries, it will crush them.

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