31 thoughts on “Yahoo wants to buy Tumblr. Will Facebook swoop in at the last minute?”

  1. If Yahoo takes tumblr then that means Tumblr will get closed in few months. They purchased snip.it last year and it was closed within month. Yahoo buys startups and products only to close them. That’s what I have noticed. So if tumblr wants to survive with huge community, anything but Yahoo should purchase.

      1. But as soon as yahoo buys and changes anything about tumblr, the people using it will leave. As long as yahoo doesn’t take away what tumblr is, they will get what they need. Any big change, though, and that traffic and youthful audience will leave.

      2. Yeah, but most of the youth on Tumblr hate Yahoo and they’re willing to desert Tumblr if it’s bought out.

  2. i think marissa is doing a terrific job. i love every single thing she has done to yahoo that i’m aware of. integration with dropbox is great, newsfeed is great, summly integration was lightning fast. and they just got the rights to SNL! been looking for those dana carvey episodes for years to no avail. i think by now we should give her credit for being onto something as far as what she can do with tumblr. i mean, in this case it’s not even hard, just don’t screw it up.

  3. I don’t know. Tumblr is fun, easy and is growing fast. But it’s also a little bit like Myspace once was — replaceble? Much more than for example Facebook which has managed to index the world’s population with real names and everything. WIth that said, I really hope it sticks, I got a tumblr myself and I really think it’s great. I have a lot of tumblr followers, but I don’t think any of them would miss me if I stopped posting. It would be really cool if David Karp and his team managed to build its own business in some way.

    1. I really hope that tumblr sticks around as well…I’ve found it to be a better blogging platform than LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress or even Dreamwidth now simply for the active community on there. I used blogging for personal entries, but what I liked about it was all the people I was able to find through ‘fandom’ based on my favorite TV shows, films, books, video games, etc.

      I noticed that fandom participation is most active on tumblr, and even more so than on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth now. It’s so easy to find like-minded people on tumblr and get caught up in all the latest news with them. I mean…hello? Ever heard of the “Mishacolypse” started by the Supernatural fandom on tumblr? Stuff like that is what makes tumblr so entertaining and great.

      Tumblr was where I found some really great people to chat with about these geeky sort of things. It’s where memes are born as well (“senpai noticed me!”) and what keeps the Internet hip and cool.

      Of course, there’s the hipsters, but hell, tumblr is for everything. It’s able to become something that the other blogging services have not. I found tumblr useful for creating an online art portfolio as well, as the way you can design your blog on there makes it so seamless and beautiful…hell, even better than using DeviantArt. Hence why there’s so many artists on there that have art/photography/fashion design blogs now.

      I also found tumblr great as a base of operations for some non-profit organizations. I am in one and have used tumblr as my primary blogging platform to get my members active and participate in community outreach. It’s really great, and the integration with facebook Pages makes it easier.

      In all honesty, I think facebook should buy tumblr instead of Yahoo if the service really is this deep in financial waters. I don’t want to see such a great product go away.

  4. I can tell you one thing given the privacy violations of Facebook and Yahoo if either company acquires Tumblr I’ll drop Tumblr like a lead balloon. The two more intrusive nosey companies out there and their cozy relationship with financial support of the Democratic party doesn’t help either. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Really?
    Yahoo doesn’t need Tumblr. No one needs Tumblr, a site with revenues that are nearly nil.
    If Alibaba is truly generating these kind of revenues, then Yahoo needs more Alibabas.

  6. I could see how tumblr could be integrated with flickr… There are synergies available there that are not available to Facebook.

  7. Don’t let Yahoo buy Tumblr!!! It’ll be the end for the popular blogging platform and mass refugee status for 170 million users. It will be internet mayhem!

    1. So true, Yahoo and Facebook have become the 100 dollar bill off the back of the pickup truck through the trailer park. It not marketing its people, names, information. Their chasing their old customers. I left Facebook when they decided to leave my privacy to some advisory board. More and more people are catching on and dumping service after service. Like our grandparents use to say, boy nothing is for free.

  8. Yahoo needs to stay away from Tumblr. Every site yahoo has ever bought, they either shut it down or deserted it. i get it this at the end of the day, all about money, but to some of us, Tumblr is more than just a site.

  9. The crux of the issue plaguing Tumblr is monetization, specifically their native monetization. Was it working? Will it work better w Yahoo? Only Twitter has been successful at large-scale native monetization so far. It’s not easy.

  10. Wouldn’t Twitter be interested as well? Just like Facebook did with Instagram, Twitter could try the ‘swoop in at the last minute’ strategy with Tumblr?

  11. http://convivialwhim.tumblr.com/post/50821471459

    ^Proof that not all of tumblr will appreciate this.

    Honestly, if Tumblr is bought by either FB or Y! i’ll close my account on there. It really doesn’t make me comfortable at all given the fact that I closed Facebook because of its privacy violations. I also don’t really use Yahoo because their email service sucks and I just wish they would stop selling my e-mail address to losers that I have never met in my life.

    I use tumblr because of how quirky it is. I’m able to bond with people through ‘fandoms’, and a lot of stuff that happens in others lives I can relate to.

    Tumblr, as crazy as it sounds, keeps me informed about the world. In fact, I can proudly say that it does a better job at keeping the users informed than all of the news media in America COMBINED.

    Though, one thing I’m expecting is that some of tumblr’s prominent bloggers will drop, others will stay. I have yet to see the outcome, though.

    Cheers! 🙂

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