15 thoughts on “Yet Another Microsoft Memo. Satya Nadella, VP of Search Writes:”

  1. I think we should stop reading too much into Microsoft Memos. Most reorgs at Microsoft happen because of office politics or when career moves happen. They don’t really mean much in terms of strategy most of the time.

    And the long memo + story is always there. It’s like a bad tradition. I have seen probably 50 of these in my 4 year tenure in Redmond most of which from outside could have been interpreted as significant.

    just a thought 🙂

  2. I agree with @Shayan, the MSFT memos don’t mean much if not anything.
    Om seems to have developed a “writing flair” for publishing internal memos (which by the way are company confidential materials). If that’s ethical blog journalism is any respectable journalist’s guess.
    Although there seems to be a shameless/faceless plant inside of MSFT that feels it’s absolutely honorable to pass on these memos to Om and crew, it’s another argument if GigaOm can publish it blatantly.

  3. So, what’s up Om, you won’t publish my comments now? I didn’t think you’d edit my comments out.

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