2 thoughts on “Yet Another RSS start-up, Attensa”

  1. Is it really the same as Newsgator?

    Their company blurb is more than a little vague & buzzword-heavy, but it sounds like their fundamental technology is based around attention.xml and collaborative filtering. The Outlook plugin is just a vehicle to expose it to the masses.

  2. well expose to the masses… what it does different i am not sure. collaborative filtering of good stuff, well that’s good except rojo does that as well. i am really wondering why i would switch from newsgator to them. i think the big issue with rss start-ups is that they don’t understand the basic reason i use rss: customize my news/media consumption experience. i couldn’t care less about the collaboration of the masses. i just know exactly what works for me, from which blog or news source. collaboration is highly overrated. except in spam, where i think it makes lot of sense.

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