18 thoughts on “I Want My MTV Desi, On Broadband Of Course”

  1. Viacom and other traditional media networks cannot allow their programming to get lose among the Internets (piracy, ya see), that is why they do it this way (for now).

  2. well there is enough protection in the streaming to make it more effective. i don’t think this micro niche strategy isn’t going to work out in the long term!

  3. You make it sound like you invented the term “desi”. You didnt. My departed grandmother used the term “pure desi ghee” every time she cooked us aloo parathas.

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  5. nope i did not invent the term and never said i did. or perhaps that was too difficult to understand from the story. what i was saying is that it was used for the first time in context of the second generation south asians, first at desiparty.com and since then has morphed into many diffierent uses.

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  7. Om,

    Any thoughts on “desivision.tv”?

    They are trying something along the lines you suggest, only on a much smaller scale and with a rather small budget.

  8. This is a pretty clever idea, and even without too much cash these guys can make it all happen pretty quickly. just streaming videos and soem of that kind of stuff is enough to get them started. perfect idea. lets hope they can execute it!

  9. No, I would have to disagree with Om Malik. Actually, there are thousands of young Desi Americans who would be interested in such a channel. The musical needs of these teens have been dim until recently. Singers like Jay Sean, Raghav, and Faakhir have been growing in popularity and have only proved once again the strength of the South Asian community in America. Besides, it would be interesting to have a nationwide rollout, because people of non-South Asian origin could discover a great music culture full of color and life. This is something that truly excites thousands of young South Asian Americans. There is no better time to introduce a channel like this in the American market.

  10. its just weird to see how mtv is reaching out to the desi americans, most of whom have a superficial connection with all things desi.
    i guess now that timbaland and dr dre have flirted with bollywood, desi americans can start to shrug off their inherited inferiority complex of all things indian.

  11. Om,

    I am not sire if your prophecy has come true. Just saw that MTV desi will stop from tomorrow atleast on DirectTV and will be available on the web site.

    Any other predictions?


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