7 thoughts on “YouTube In Legal Trouble in India”

  1. Just amazing. Maybe they need to start paying back to all the records label they stole the music from. My thoughts:
    1. I think it is more of tactic to make quick buck in settlement with Google as lately everyone has been paying lot of attention to that company world over.
    2.India over all has huge internal privacy issue (e.g: T-series) and they need to address this before they go out and start targeting companies outside India who are not promoting but simply hosting a simple music video.

    How do you point finger at someone else when the whole foundation of your company culture is based on the same principles?

  2. It seems that Google is becoming a piracy scape-goat because they seem to be the only company trying to loosen up piracy laws.

    Of course, I’m not sure where Google is heading with all of it (which is what worries me about them in the long run), but I think that, for the most part, they’ve really democratized the web and all software applications.

    It seems the people who hate Google the most are the ones who make a lot of money because of the state of piracy-laws and copyright protection. But I think for the most part, Google has done mostly good things for the people out there today making YouTube videos, sampling pop songs, and pirating other media.

    Something few other large corporations are out there doing.

  3. Interesting…

    Having corresponded with the content operation team at YouTube UK over the last few months, I’m convinced that YouTube is focused on creating the world’s largest video database against which video content owners can easily monetise their content and build a global audience.

    I agree with @msupreme2284 that the lawsuit by T-Series is being probably being done to get a quick settlement out of Google.

    However, I don’t think it will work.

    These court cases take a while to even get to the hearing stage. Just ask Viacom, who are already making noises about how their $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube may not be such a good idea.

    The new Video ID system recently launched by YouTube will allow T-Series to detect, block and even monetise any instances of their audio visual works ‘illegally’ uploaded onto YouTube.

    A costly and drawn out lawsuit will only prevent them from gaining exposure for the work they have already ‘invested’ in.

    My point is: there is already too much content out there.

    Preventing people from accessing your content on YouTube is simply a case of cutting your nose to spite your face.

  4. I think this is just speculative. Tseries as this blog mentions is a company who’s foundation is piracy.
    I don’t know about how big or small youtube will be when they launch in India but companies like dekhona.com and rediff’s ishare platform are really required in india to give exposure to the hidden talent in india.

    i love to see ugc on dekhona.com from indians and do not necessarily agree that such sites only host tseries videos.

    tseries should be humble.

  5. This morning I found in.youtube.com on. The Feature Videos listed indian content only. That is a huge boost to performers. Thanks and congratulations to You Tube management.

  6. in.youtube.com youtube.in youtube.co.in webpage appeared early morning today. I was delited to find only indian videos listed as
    Feature Videos. Swati Kothari, Gautam, Shailesh, Sakeena – all together organised a grand show at India Habitat Center. Media queries were also
    answered comprehensively by Shailesh-Sakeena duo. What impressed me is the young age. All those on huge
    Google/YouTube posts can be called young guys and gals with no offence. Manager – International : I thought she is a college
    Congratulations to YouTube managent. I was acknowledged as first person to send felicitation SMS.

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