17 thoughts on “YouTube Drops Hammer on TinyTube”

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  2. You should get your stories straight. NBC is already on YouTube as is CBS. Viacom – Paramount and MTV Networks are not.
    The big money is going to go to the likes of anyone it is going to go to Viacom.
    That or Google and YouTube should – they have the content… Comedy Central, MTV, etc

  3. This is just one of what may be many more enforcement of IP and patents as they attempt global domination. It is hard to imagine they don’t already have the eye of the Feds. How many acquisitions can a company make in a year? Anyone know the record? It would be interesting to compare to google and see who that company was or perhaps is, and how they’ve managed that complex integration over the long haul. Cisco has done a good job. Microsoft appears to have done a good job. In theory though, at some some point a crossover is made into diminishing return but who knows when or even if it is applicable to google.

  4. I guess this is what happens when companies become too big but still have to grow fast (like they used too when they were smaller). This is the last thing someone can expect from Google. They are one of the investors in .mobi domain, and yet they are not coming out with a mobile site for YouTube. The reason probably is they can make a lot more money partnering with the Verizon’s than by running an independent .mobi site with YouTube content.


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