5 thoughts on “Zynga exec exodus continues as gaming company loses infrastructure CTO”

  1. ServiceNow for the win!
    User and big proponent of the company.
    On the other side, Zynga is clearly a sinking ship.

      1. My organization has been a customer for 4 years and have not regretted the move.
        They aren’t as sexy as a lot of the consumer driven tech companies, but they have flipped the enterprise IT Service Management market on its head and put other ITSM vendors (HP and BMC) on notice. What they’ve done against the legacy titans is remarkable. I just hope they can keep it up under the new leadership and post-IPO.

  2. I’m going to be a scratched record on this but Zynga is a bad example of how to retain talent. When you take away stock from employees pre-IPO it’s a notice that you aren’t employee friendly company. Their past few quarters have been all accounting magic and slowing Facebook growth with equate to some anxious executives and tech talent.

    It’s a shame because Zynga has to great technology that a bunch of folks would love to work with including their Z-Cloud.

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