5 thoughts on “ZyXel’s new VoIP line up”

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  3. What soft, free and easy to use VoIp client would you recommend to use for callers to a VoFi phone?

    I have able to teach several family members how to use Skype but I suspect Skype will not call any other clients than Skype and thus I’ll have to teach them yet another VoIp client?

  4. I got this phone in my hands yesterday to replace a 2000W v.1 I bought two weeks ago. To me it seems that the only thing they updated was the casing. Firmware seems the same (not the same version number) – except from the fact that the firmware on this phone seems even buggier 🙁

    Another thing is that the phone comes bundled with a service ZyXEL calls “GloConnect”. This means you are forced to use GloConnect for VoIP calls – hardly justifiable if you’d like to use your own VoIP service provider. You can’t edit the settings directly on the phone. However, I flashed the phone with the only firmware available on ZyXEL’s site (called “wr0003_img_TGLO_ONLY.ftp”, a bit odd) – this firmware lets you log in as “zyxeladmin” and change the settings from the web interface. Phone is still buggy as hell, so I’m hoping for a revision of the firmware shortly.

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