Our mobile networked Victorian age

FastCompany: Media is consumed by the talk of the technology bubble, but move away from all this talk of money and you quickly realize that we are at the start of a new Victorian Age and our world is getting transformed by technology.

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Should, Must and Apple’s Little Details

It was one of those lazy, almost warm San Francisco weekends, blue skies with high clouds adding just a dash of drama and contrast. I spent much of my two days sitting at home, reading my friend Elle Luna’s new book, The Crossroads of Should and Must. It is astonishing that what was a blog post…

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Recommended reads from across the internet

Inside Amsterdam's Startup Ecosystem Robin Wauters, a veteran technology journalist and now the editor of Tech.eu, has taken a deep look at Amsterdam's startup ecosystem. It is an insightful look into one of the more dynamic startup ecosystems in Europe. Read This!
A Smartwatch Primer With all this talk about the Apple Watch, there is a lot of talk about smart watches. Here is a nice and simple primer that gives you a nice overview of all different kinds of smart watches out there. Read This!

LinkedIn & Zynga & a tale of two hired guns

Sean Gourley, who cofounded Quid is one of my favorite people and we often catch up for a coffee and an unstructured conversations about virtually  anything, though often it is about data and its role in our contemporary lives. Yesterday, however we met to commiserate about the respective spankings our cricket teams received at the…

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iCube: World’s Smallest Apple Computer?

If you need to chill out after reading all those Apple Watch reviews, let me show you this wonderful new, tiny and always-be-melting Apple Computer. Well, it isn’t really a computer — instead it is a perfectly cut ice cube and it was part of an advertising campaign for Japan’s Suntory Whisky. This “3D on the Rocks” ad…

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Gigaom’s Culture of Context Lives On

If anything past few weeks have been a big lesson in humility, in understanding humanity and also a reaffirmation that random kindness of strangers far outweighs the preening and posturing of others. Some have written handwritten notes, others have emailed, many have tweeted and messaged, and others sent me messages on Facebook — saddened by the loss of…

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