Facebook First!

John Herrman, who writes about the media industry for The New York Times, is one of my favorite writers. His incisive and cutting commentary at his previous home on the web, The Awl, was on my “read first and do everything else later” list. About 10 days ago, we had a conversation about the shifting media…

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How Far Have You Come?

A few weeks back I went to Delhi to see my parents. They still live in the same house where I grew up. It is a little older. The neighborhood is a bit more crowded. The sun fails in its valiant attempts to kiss the ground. The smog feels a little heavier. Air is a…

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Recommended Links

How Facebook plans to take over the world Olivia Solon of the Guardian attended Facebook's F8 conference and wrote an in-depth piece on social giant's ambitions. She asked for my opinion as well. It is worth a read. [The Guardian]
An alternative opinion on Uber's $100 million settlement David Dayen believes that instead of saving itself, Uber might have shot itself in the foot with its recent $100 million settlement with the drivers. [Naked Capitalism]
How Facebook is using AI to shape our "social" reality My former colleague Stacey Higginbotham has written the best overview of how Facebook is using artificial intelligence and alogrithms across its entire platform to shape our experience on the social network. [Fortune Magazine]

7 Things to read this weekend (04.16.2016)

Unless you are in the class of folks who can afford the services of Panamanian law firms, you are unlikely to avoid the Tax Day! Still, with your taxes done, why not kick back and read some of the better stuff that has been published on the Internet this week. Documenting the world’s animals, one…

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7 Stories to read this weekend (04.09.2016)

This week was a bit of a blur. Since returning from India, I have been in catch up mode, which has allowed me to focus less on the social web and more on my inbox. Luckily, there has been a nice stream of recommendations from friends and fellow reading enthusiasts. Here are seven stories I recommend…

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Cockroaches, Unicorns, Startups. Enough Already!

An article on the UK-version of BusinessInsider got me a little worked up and I made a post on my Facebook page. An intense conversation followed and Dave Winer suggested that this would make a good blog post. He was right – as always! “Everything is about resiliency now to weather the storm,” says Tim McSweeney,…

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