Birthdays are weird: you are supposed to celebrate the day which is in many ways a mile marker of time spent on the planet, or alternatively time left on the planet. I have so much trouble trying to deal with dichotomy of the day, and despite my best intentions I can’t fully enjoy it. Maybe that…

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Remembering Alex King

Matt Mullenweg pens a heartfelt and moving tribute to Alex King, a well known member of the WordPress community, who made many contributions to this open source project. I first met Alex on my WordPress blog roll! May you rest in peace, old friend and thank you for the goodness you brought into the world. [Ma.tt]

How to talk to journalists

Pete Warden,  CTO of JetPac, now part of Google, has outlined a how-to guide for startup founders (and chief executives) on how to talk to media people & develop long term relationship, without being heavily reliant on PR agencies. It should be must read for all founders. [Pete Warden]

Charting iPhone’s Progress

Count me as one of the sheeple, who is likely to be one of the 13-to-15 million buyers (as predicted by Foursquare) of the new iPhone 6S. I am going for the 6S plus and thinking about space gray to match my Macbook 12 in the same hue. I took the launch of the newer…

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The only Leica Q review to read (for now)

“A camera is a complex object that requires months of use for a proper evalution. I’ll just say this: put your name down on a wait list ASAP,” writes Andrew Kim. Plus his review has beautiful photos. I promise I will do my review — soonish!