Day 10, Goodbye Nordics

It is time to say goodbye to Stockholm and, with it, the Nordics. I spent a great eight days, first in Helsinki, Finland, and then in Stockholm, Sweden. Both of these countries have so much common history. Sweden ruled Finland for almost 700 years , and you can tell that feelings from that occupation linger:…

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Meet Everywear Games

Meet True Ventures’ newest company, Everywear Games. This is True’s fourth investment in the Nordics and second in Finland. I am fortunate enough to join the board of this company which is creating gaming experiences for the wearables.  Everywear is the brainchild of CEO Aki Järvilehto (previously EVP at Remedy,) CTO Mika Tammenkoski (VP of Technology/CTO at Digital Chocolate and…

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Recommended reads from across the internet

Many lives along the Yangtze River  A 26-year-old photographer from Brooklyn spends months taking photos of people, places, objects, time, sky and water of Yangtze River. He uses a Mamiya 7 camera, film and lots of patience. Check out the photos and accompanying piece in the New Yorker.
Shade Balls or just bollocks The downside of the ever faster news cycle is that reporters have a lot less time to dig into stories, and regurgitate PR as news. A good example: the California Drought & Shade Balls story from last week. LA Weekly points out that it was political spin. In reality the "purpose of the balls is to prevent sunlight…

Day Eight, Stockholm

It is day eight of my trip around the world. The lack of a proper sunrise along with a relapse of my jet lag have forced a change in my daily schedule. I am starting to feel a little restless and homesick, slowly starting to miss the familiar. Last week allowed me to spend a lot…

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Windows 95

Lot of my pals from Microsoft are sharing stories of the Windows 95 launch, and today I’d like to do the same. I was there. It was the first and last time the PC-era Microsoft PR team was actually nice to me — and as a result I got to attend the launch, though I never…

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Select 7: forays into film (photography) 

These are seven select photos from my first ever attempt to use film. I was using a Contax T3 point and shoot which is as close to digital a film camera can get. It was loaned to me by Cliff Englert. He tells me three good photos from one roll of film is a good…

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