9 thoughts on “Designer needed for a new project”

  1. i checked out pomegranita.com…their taste is more corporate looks, which will totally defeat the purpose for gigaom :}

  2. Om-ji, your NRI section stands out more than your homepage for the following reasons: it is a powerful brand (period) and it’s content speaks out for itself and all your desi/nri audience find it quite entertaining meaning chat-paa-tta.

    Here are some suggesstions:

    >You need seperate categories/sections for the following:

    – music by nri

    – books written by nri

    – other media stuff like nri in movies/showbiz

    – nri events sections…like meela n’ stuff

    – nri gossip/ or gup-shap corner

    – links to Northern California garma-garam masaley-daar dining links (places where an nri feels like dining at home)

    – also we wanna know if Om-ji knows how to cook??? yaa aapkii sunder sii wife aap kay lii-yee kha-naa baa-naa tee hain??? okay, simply add your daily cooking recipes, and people want to know what are you consuming everyday…because people wanna know what you are eating…and this type of section will be a super hit, trust me.

    – the nri website’s theme (background image) should be more desi-style…remember chaitime.com or some south asian theme, so desi people can relate to places like banarsi-sari palace or sona-chandi, or even paan-wala in Jacksons Height

    These are a MUST have (yani-kay jantaa kii demand):

    your site also needs some desi ringtones link, since you talk about all the telecom stuff, then desi ringtone is also part of telecom, right?

    aur your site need something for nri’s like “am i hot or not”, where an nri can place a photo and your visitors will vote it. the ratings should be tapoo-rii style, bil-kul garma-garam

  3. Hi, i need a 3d designer
    please contact me to talk on MS Messenger

    thank u 🙂

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