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  1. here is a site you should go on and search for raghav_hot or raghav and sign up for it. its a group my sis made wid info pics and more so plz sign up

  2. here is a site you should go on and search for raghav_hot or raghav and sign up for it. its a group my sis made wid info pics and more so plz sign up


  4. raghav has a beautiful smile, however his photos dont show his best side, but he has a really cool voi8ce n is really gd at singing!
    can sum1 please make p an official website

  5. raghav is mega gorgeous!! evre1 watch “never mind the buzzcocks” on monday (1st march) at 9:00 on bb2!! da sexy rag’z wil b on it!!
    luv davina x

  6. raghav is jus soo good lookin. i really can’t get enuff of him! if u want ne pics of him den go 2 papiya ray’s website. therez sum buff pics of him!

  7. did u all jus see sexy rag’z on top of the pops!! he ws wickd and singing the end bit of cnt get enough in hindi was great!! go sexy rag’s!!

  8. raghav is the fittest bloke going! he dances so sexy his voice is brill as so r his songs!xxxxxxxxx

  9. im listening to raghav on bbc asian network rite now!! n i have txtd in and sent e-mails!!

  10. yeah he is ok, i dont think he’s gonna stick around in main stream for much longer though… his fame is only momentary…wat a shame. but good luck to him anyway

  11. please some one give full addresses for someone whos thick like me. But either way yeah he is like so totally fit and i love his tracks man especially teri baton? (Think i speLt that right)

  12. i think that Raghav is the sextest man on earth and i am his biggest fan luv ya loads me x x x

  13. he is engaged not married lol
    2 this really pretty kuri
    sad sad i no!!!!!!!!!!

  14. omg is ragz aint engaged? hes single as he quoted apprently!! how’d u find out hes engaged n is der a site for sumat?

  15. yeh it was in this mag i had and he ad an interveiw.
    it sed that he dunt wanna say it 2 every 1 cause all the press in all that he only annouced it nt loong ago uumm
    2 this indian girl arranged apparantly by parents

  16. does n e 1 know where i can get pics of rag
    n e 1
    i have bn on sites but there all the same pics has he got his own site 4 himself lol
    thanx mwah!!

  17. OMG.. l love all this song and everything, cant get enough and so confused..!! his the BEST..! =o )

  18. to ello:
    which issue of ok magazine! was der a nice pic of him!!! lol! let me no pls!! luv davina x x

  19. I luv Raghav’s tunes. They r gr8!! can sum1 plz tell me wher i can c his pics..

  20. (to ello) desi dna is a programme dat cums on bout 11:20pm on thursday nites on bbc2!! it has like jay sean,raghav,adil ray etc.!! check it out!

  21. (to ello) yea it is aint it but its worth it lol! i fink its dis week hes on!

  22. there were hardly any pictures in and she talks mostly about herself rather that raghav. its hardly raghav heaven. more like papiya loves herself.

  23. Hi Ya Folks,

    Just to fill in some of you ladies with info on Raghav that I was speaking to him on Wednesday night as he was listening to a song in my car and his website is being published in 4/5 weeks. I know a few of his producers and actually have some photos with me and him together. But for the meanwhile Papiya Rays web site is quite a good one. But he’s a real nice guy and doesn’t let the fame get to him at all. Very approachable.

  24. Heya everyone.. i think raghav is soooo hot, althought my friends dont agree πŸ™ his music is gr8 and he is lovely, keep it goin.. xo

  25. Yeh man raghav is 100% fit by da way dat url @ da top is mine where u can get a piccy of him!! =)

  26. Iwent to see Raghav in the Gas hall in the city center……
    he was there one the opening of the bollywood cinema.
    i got to give him a hug and had lots of pictures taken with him amd kissed him ……
    now tell me can any one get lukyer then that?????????
    hope all of u peeps r jalous coz i loved evry minit of it………………………………………………………

  27. has N E 1 herd raghavs new song?? its called THIS CANT BE RITE and its a wicked song!!

  28. 1.OMG!!!i know raghav!!!He is friends with my mom!!!!!He sang happy birthday to my sista.We Love him and miss him!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  29. me a guy monica love, and me as fine as raghav and jay sean, plus we sing abit r&b.

    Whats up!!

    What do you guys think of the reelists as they still around just got no record deal at mo.

  30. i think raghav is sooooooooo fit and that makes me sooooooo confused

  31. i think raghav is sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!! but why are there hardly any pics of him anywhere?!? argh! lol, there is none of 2play either!! oh well cyaz l8r xx

  32. i luv raghav’s songs! they fuckin rule! but i dnt reckon he’s that fit. hes aite i spose. but jay sean is so much buffer!

  33. Hi Monica,

    I am from bham, Uk where u from?

    By the way Raghav new tune is hot. Plus he is a very down to earth guy as me met him once and had a brief chat.



  34. raghav u r da bomb u have an amazing voice ur music is great i just CANT GET ENOUGH u r also very gorgeous

  35. Hi Monica,

    Well I be a bit sill if my real name was Dalboy lol.

    I am 2 sumthing years old, but feel 21. What about you?


  36. RAGHAV IS DA BUFFEST MAN ON DIS EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by da way has any one got any websites which he is on besydes papriyas woteva her name is

  37. i saw raghav in starbucks….whoa..hes much darker then he is in most of his vids. does he live in barnet coz ppl have seen him cotch dere?

  38. Raghav looks fab in his new vid he is the bomb….not only his is fine but he has sick voice too…..love ya raghav!

  39. All i can say is dat u r gr8!! i love ur songs. U r gonna make it far in life…GOODLUCK for da future…tc

  40. Raghav you jus get better as you go along all your tunes so far are amazing i want pictures of raghav does ne1 know where i can can get some i cant find ne. Raghav your lovely and gorgeous

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