3 thoughts on “Silicon Alley vs Silicon Alley”

  1. Hey, when we were at Computerwire in the mid-90s, our office was directly behind that sign and when it was erected it blocked the light in our sales office. So many metaphors, so little time. We started 451 Group just behind that second building on the right and you know what, we’re still here! Does that make us Alley veterans? Or is it Alley 2.0 now?

  2. I’m all for bloggers mixing it up – makes for more interesting reading! In this case, though, I think that the shift in Fred’s position may be a genuine shift in perspective, reflecting a (potential?) shift in the tech universe. I don’t quite get why, in our new distributed paradise, everything is assumed to have to happen in the Valley. I think that Fred is right, Vally or Alley, let’s leave behind the 1.0 way of thinking.

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