7 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Problems”

  1. I’m headed to the Apple Store today as well. Aside from the general issues you mention above, I have an Ethernet issue related to VLANs. (commonly used with VoIP)

    For backup, I got one of those 500 GB Lacie FireWire drives and just copied everything over. Tooks some time as the FireWire is only 400mbit on the MacBook Pro, but does the job.

  2. there are actually a number of programs you can use to clone your hard drive to an external one; it will also “bless” the drive, so that at any time, you can use it as a startup disk. try MimMac, for example. i’ve used it, with no trouble.

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  4. so i just spoke to apple and they figured out that some of the power converters in the macbooks are bad. which make sense becuase my heat problem was the top left (where the powere goes in) – it got so hot i couldnt type anymore.

    they are fixing mine no charge (I have applecare).

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