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  1. You guys are unbelievable!! A while back you claimed that 2006 will be the year for the MAC (which was not really based on any factual data). So how does Windows running on a MAC validate that? Why should anyone buy a MAC to run XP when one can get better hardware for a lesser cost? Unless of course OSX users want to use applications that run on XP, which eventually benefits the Windows market not Mac’s. Also if XP & OSX can run on the same hardware, what does that do to Apple’s claim of Mac’s being faster? Which incidentally was never true, just hype. It seems that you guys are worse off than politicians, saying something one day & recanting on it a few days later without any accountability. Pathetically disappointing & I am sure it does not matter to you, but you just lost one reader for your Blog.

  2. Wow tester 59 –

    Om as bad as a politician?! Thats just going to far!

    More on topic though –

    I use a mac every day – its sitting on my Left as I work on this Dell because my office uses PC and I need access to our corporate data. Macs running WinXP will ensure this is the year of the mac.

    My Powerbook g4 was paid for by me – not the office. and its nearing 3 yrs as a solid work horse. My company would gladly buy me any WinXP machine. But they just can’t justify supporting and running MacOS so I support it myself. If they make it any bit easier for me to run both systems and let me work on one machine that means one less dell sold one more Mac in the corporation. ANd one more opportunity to slowly switch people on to Mac OS.

    I know of at least three other users who can’t justify running two PC’s but if they had a choice they’d run with a Mac on Winxp at work and experiment with Mac OS in their spare time.

  3. tester 59- well if you see the product announcements, (their first quarter performance will bear it out) their success in storage, and increasingly in the corporate sector, well, you will see 2006 will be the year of mac.

    speed wise: not sure where you read that on this blog, but it has been a constant gripe of mine, just like i have said they price the products too high. anyway i think apple is doing all things right in 2006, and sorry if it makes me sound like a politican.

  4. also, tester 59, just not quite sure about your opening line/argument. thanks for reading the blog, and your comments. i appreciate those and sorry to lose you. best of luck with everything

  5. If your MacBook Pro has heating issues you can bring it back to the store and they will replace it. They came out with a new revision that solves the problems MacBook Pros were having, including getting too hot to touch.

  6. Ha! Love it. Now I’m waiting for Leapard to be available for all intel hardware! Then get an Origami device and have it run OSX. (Wishful thinking?)

  7. I’m worried that the software publishers will lose the incentive to put things out for MacOS. For instance, Adobe can now say, you can run Photoshop Windoze Edition on your Mac. Who needs an OS X version? End of life. No?

  8. Not sure why this is a big deal. The ability to make Linux/Xp dual boot machine has always been there. Now its OSX/XP. It would be interesting if they could share the fielsystem or go a step beyond simply providing the user a choice between XP or Mac at boot time. They need to make the switch seamless and allow access/sharing of files .

  9. Has it occurred to anyone that Apple is simply doing this as a preemptive strike to stop the potential flood of support calls caused by users that tried (and failed) to get Windoze installed on their Intel-based Mac??

    Seems to me that a smallish investment in this development effort will pay off in a lot of savings in support calls.

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