6 thoughts on “Good Times (Almost) Back in Telecom”

  1. Well you can be sure the next industry to follow will be the oil companies buying the automobile makers Exxon alone made an extra 10 billion in profits last quater. Since the near market crash after 911 the onyl major money makers are companies that strive in the war time like telecommunnications oil defense contracts etc etc .. Sad really a world sooned to be owned by a small few the one percenters we call them!

  2. What I am really interested in knowing whether all this consolidation in the telecom space would have an effect on the cablecos. They must be under pressure to do something similar too.

  3. Moo, cablecos in the US still have subscriber caps placed on them by the FCC. Comcast is already very close to the limit, otherwise they’d be buying, I’m sure. This is why you didn’t see anyone trying to swallow Adelphia in one bite. If all these new video franchising rules happen, I’d think you’d see cablecos pushing to raise or be rid of the subscriber caps, as competing Bells will have much larger footprints. On the other hand, the current redlining style strategy of Bells rolling out video does not make this a very urgent issue.

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