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  1. I have a long standing question. Let me ask it by making a statement.

    The original Ethernet has two components – MAC protocol CSMA/CD and the frame format. What made Ethernet ubiquitous is CSMA/CD. But all these modern incarnations do not use CSMA/CD. How could they when they are optical systems?

    Am I right in my thinking? Metcalfe is faulting SONET because it has 125usec framing structure?

  2. The ethernet frame has survived the test of time and not much else.

    Most LAN centric people have gotten away with bashing SONET because of lack of knowledge on their part and the audience (who is much more familiar with LAN networks). In many cases SONET remains a very low cost solution. That said the Ethernet frame wrapped into a lot of RFCs and some MEF tweaks will eventually become the norm. But this is very different that CSMA/CD shared ethernet.

    Its better to think “IP Networking has won” and IP doesn’t care what the physical layer is. Thus the lowest cost Layer 2 is the preferred choice because most features happen at Layer 3 and up.

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