4 thoughts on “Record Labels Don’t Get Mobile”

  1. My feelings exactly.

    Is your line about “biting the hand that feeds” a reference to the new NIN song?


  2. When the recording industry raised the prices with more than 50 per cents, going from vinyl to CD’s they proved that they never have been selling music. They sell convenience. Convenience to bring music, share music and save music.

    And this time we don’t need them. Read more on http://melin.typepad.com/lcpm/2005/04/why_i_dont_give.html

    The record companies basically deserves to die, as long as they don’t adapt. And so far they haven’t.

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  4. If you think the labels have their head in the sand, what about the operators? Their doing even less and they want just as much as the labels. In the UK, a realtone needs to be GBP3.00 (USD5.50) for both the operator and label to get the price they want. And even at this ripoff price, there’s still no margin for the service enablers who make it all possible!

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