6 thoughts on “Pageviews are dead, long live the pageviews”

  1. Om, there has been a ton of talk about how foo-barred things are on the web. However, there has not been real progress towards a set of metrics that are a solution. Do you have any ideas on what stats make sense? I just posted on the topic on Widgify and am trying to see if people have any good ideas. Hope all is well! 🙂

  2. Jeff and other media pundits, however, don’t address the big question: how will this economy be greased?

    the short answer is this: “sucessful engagements.”

    for people such as yourself, or your average blogger, it’s about being topical or providing needed insight. Jumping from there to standing in line at the bank is a whole other problem that I believe caused the death of a bunch of companies in the last months of the previous century.
    Ultimately the most obvious model for sites like yours is that used by Stew Alsop, Esther Dyson, Ben Rosen and even the NEA in the preInternet era. it’sd the newsletter-convert the cream to an event audience model. Without that component you’re just shouting into the wind and counting echo returns.
    Engagements bind you and an audience. Pageviews are like masturbation– it may make you feel good, but it doesn’t result in genetic propagation so it fails the genetic imperative test.

    Any VC that breaks away from their crackberry during a presentation long enough to note and record the raw number of pageviews cited in your presentation should be avoided. He’s still subscribing to the Industry Standard and hasn’t figured out that “in space no one can hear you scream.”

    Om, think “newsletter model” and “how do I monetize an “A” list readership?”
    hard questions!

    Jim Forbes
    (from a small mountaintop in rurl San Diego County where I have my very own personal tractor).

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