20 thoughts on “Full post reprints bother me”

  1. Or look the other way, since this is quite unstoppable (?)

    Actually, this isn’t the worst, at least you get attribution and are on the blogroll.. There are so many content thieves who take your entire post and pretend it’s theirs…

  2. Um, ask them to take it down? Not everyone realizes that you can’t just copy a whole post. I’ve seen lots of people do it, and the intent often isn’t to rip off the original author – it’s simply fandom. Not to say it’s right, but at least make an effort to educate before you bring out the big guns.

  3. I love how people are all against DRM and big corporations controlling their media content. But when someone’s own content gets ‘pirated’ it somehow becomes wrong.

  4. * I’m a little confused by your comment.
    * I’ve been aggregating blog info for myself and my team.
    – I find that for some reading ( like yours ) this is a better method than tagging with delicious.
    * Don’t see how it detracts from your great Blog.
    – Have your name in title
    – I use all the attributing provided by Mars edit.
    – the formatting of the copy is usually bad .. so it usually means that if its interesting to those I aggregate for they’ll use the link to your site.
    * Apologies if it bugs you
    * Would you rather that I just post the link to your site and say that it is interesting?

  5. But they think they’re doing you a favor by reposting with that credit link!

    Niall – it’s not that easy. I’ve got a scraper in Barbados taking all of my site content and reposting it. Not only can I not get a hold of the webmaster, but the host seems to be bouncing … what good is a DMCA takedown going to do?

    At least it’s easier to get rid of service-hosted blog.

  6. If it’s someone like me, doing a link blog, ask and I’ll stop doing it.

    If it’s a spammer, you can DMCA them, like Niall recommends, but in my experience that often comes back to bite you cause they have motivation to do this and, in one case, where I did a DMCA against a spammer, the next week there were four more sites doing the exact same thing. I don’t have infinite time to keep DMCA’ing them, so I just live with it.

  7. I’m w/ Robert on this one. I get nowhere near the traffic that you guys get, and I can’t keep up with the runaround from them. I just delete the spam and live w/ the rest.

  8. Good suggestions all. Iain, are you using this for your team’s internal consumption, aka via Intranet or something? in that case why not put it behind firewall, which is fine.

  9. Ignore it.

    It’s not worth worrying about. We’ve got about 15 sites that do that to our content, and they come and go. Mostly they disappear after a few months because they don’t get any traffic. Anyone who matters will quickly realize that those sites are just copy sites.

    Besides, it gets tricky, because how is that any different, than say this:


    which is also full post reprints…

    Yeah, it may be annoying to see your content appear elsewhere, but those guys don’t have a business model to keep it up, so don’t worry about it.

  10. Thanks for being reasonably subtle Om. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and want your venture to be successful. Towards that end I won’t include the full text anymore. Once I get wordpress installed (hopefully in Feb) all clips will be behind firewall as you suggest.

    On another note, you must get tons of this kind of activity. I moved from bloglines clipping blog in Oct to the combination of WordPress, NetNewsWire, & Mars Edit. The power to aggregate news is amazing with these tools. The fact that it bugs you is ( unfortunately for you ) a strong indication of how well they work.

  11. Iain,

    I have no problems with legit users – like yourself, and well that is part of the ecosystem. there is no way for me to know if a site is not just using this to create a spam blog. so the misunderstanding is cleared up – if you want to continue using full posts for personal/internal company use, go right ahead.

    in fact if you had dropped me an email, assuring me that it was purely for clipping/knowledge purposes, i would have been glad to have you take the feed. no worries on that end.

  12. I pointed out to Robert in the past that one of the problems with Google Reader and offering sharing is that there is no way to block that content from being splogged.

    I strongly believe there is a need to have a “no share” tag that you can include with RSS feeds, and also that Google Reader should have an option for when you are sharing to just include an excerpt.

    Lots of people also refeed shared feeds through Feedburner with full content, and those feeds are indexed.

    I don’t personally care if someone picks up my content for a splog, commercial or not, as long as they have an active link back so that google can tell which content was the original.

    Popular blogs would probably find that a high percentage of their Technorati links are from splogs and reblogs.

  13. Cool. I had problems getting wordpress installed on “political” grounds. This episode may help my ’cause to get it installed.

    On e-mail/permissions — I note exactly what I’m doing in my “about” link.

  14. Iain does the same from my blog. It doesn’t bother me as it is clear he is linkblogging, almost like an easier form of delicious. He works for a Comm IC company so far as I can tell, and I’m sure I get wider reach as a result of his efforts. It’s no different than seekingalpha.com

    I bet if you asked Iain he would stop.

    The spam blogs are the worst though. It’s harmless but annoying to know that your work is being used for totally illegitimate and useless purposes.

  15. Interesting comment there from Robert Scoble. Exactly what is the difference between Scobles “link blog” and what these guys are doing? Indeed, you can ask both to take the post down, both repost without permission and both would argue they are catering for the same market. Just because you’re an A list blogger doesn’t make you special or more right than a little guy doing the same thing.

    But I digress. This blogger in particular is on WordPress.com. Email Matt Mullenweg or another member of the team there to sort it out, if they don’t help (they will), then DMCA Automattic as the host of the content.

  16. Here are a couple sites built almost entirely around taking and reposting dozens, if not hundreds of full posts feeds.
    http://www.blogowogo.com and http://chronicnews.com

    There are dozens like them. I am trying to build an aggregation company that does this right and respects copyright. One way to fight the thieves could be to support companies in the same niche that try to be allies to bloggers.

    Just an appalingly self-serving thought.

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