5 thoughts on “The Digital Bling”

  1. Slamming widgets because they distract from the content when put in blogs is like slamming TVs because they distract from driving when put in cars. But TVs belong in the home. And widgets belong in social networks.

    I posted on this on the Lightspeed blog. Click on my name in this comment if you’d like to see more.

  2. sorry, have to say that in this case VW is full of shite… widgets ain’t new, and they are quite important.

    om, the widgets you’re using on your blog are great, and whether they’re visible bling or not i’d agree they add a lot to the reader experience.

    throwing all widgets (and widget companies in monopoly ecosystems) under the bus is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    widgets — that is, embeddable application components — are useful shit. period.

  3. i agree with the utility of widgets, but not everything works everywhere and i think that is part of the conversation that needs to happen. widgets netvibes=bliss. Too many widgets ala Fred Wilson’s blog = just too much

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