8 thoughts on “The Partial Feeds Question”

  1. Om, your feed actually is full text.

    WordPress publishes the full text of your post as the ‘content:encoded’ element in your RSS feed, and publishes an excerpt of your post as the ‘description’ element. So, Robert’s RSS reader must be displaying the description element instead of content:encoded.

    This is a fairly common problem with RSS readers (in fact, FeedDemon had the same problem until recently).

  2. Tom,

    that is not true. we have been offering WWD full feed for last few weeks, though intitally i overlooked that it was partial feed. i am not sure about why you are not getting the full feed – can you cancel and resubscribe?

  3. Om, the WWD feed looks like a mix of partial and full content. Each post’s ‘description’ element has partial content, and the ‘content:encoded’ element *sometimes* has full content but other times it has partial content with a “(more)” link to the full article.

    For example, today’s “Dead-tree Ware” post has an excerpt for the ‘description’ element, and the ‘content:encoded’ element has a “(more)” link.

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