3 thoughts on “Samsung rules the Android planet”

  1. It is really sad that with Samsung holding the title for holding the majority of Android market share, they are turning their backs on supporting the products they bring to market. The original Galaxy Tab is still running FroYo and has not been updated to Gingerbread. Other phone owners also scream as the lack of updates drive them batty.

    Samsung needs to support the people purchasing their products.

  2. SE sells more than Motorola? Where are they selling all these phones? I never see any here in the Bay area…

  3. Dude, I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and my Galaxy Tab (bought in Nov 2010), was updated to Gingerbread in June this year! Don’t blame Samsung, blame your carrier..
    Firmware updates are controlled by them.

    I have had only excellent support on my Samsung products.

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