24 thoughts on “A few photos from my trip to Berlin”

  1. Enjoyed the Berlin photos… SnapSeed is one of my favorite apps. I also enjoyed the photos that made it to your Instagram feed. The ones you shot while walking around Helsinki I especially liked… The ability to evoke time and place instantly is something I find remarkable…

    1. Thanks Tim. I think the idea of filters and little editing is as important as writing about a place. I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

  2. the ubiquity of enhanced photos means you’ll be disappointed when you actually visit the places yourself.

    1. Not sure I agree with you. I wan’t disappointed by Paris, Berlin or Helsinki. For me the photos are a way to enhance when what I felt and the feelings evoked by a certain location and how I saw it.

  3. As someone who was born and brought up in Berlin (1962-72 – I live in India now, but frequently visit my birthplace), I can certify that you REALLY managed to nail it with these photos! πŸ™‚ Great job! I snarfed them immediately and plastered them as wallpapers all over my Macs and iPad πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Om – beautiful shots- Next time you should come in summer for some warmer impressions! πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful work. Consider allocating a portion of your already-strained time to make your photography a regular feature of the creative side of your life.

    At a minimum, a photography blog. Not just an upload site; but, use one of the wp.com photoblog templates for a site.

  6. Om these are fantastic. As an American who has been living in Berlin for the past 18 months, I am always amazed at the sights of this city.

    1. Kevin

      I am guessing you get to see the city first hand as it keeps changing and evolving.

  7. interesting to see the city through the visitors lens. streets i see each day suddenly become mysterious – well maybe it’s just the hdr. i think i’ll go out tomorrow and take some pictures, the weather is so unusual warm right now around 8Β°C and neither rain nor snow.

  8. Great photos Om. I am wondering if it is only a coincidence that all photos have an upward perspective – the camera literally reaching for the sky – or it is reflective of Om the person :).

  9. Hey Om,

    Cool article (photos are nice, too). Berlin is the most happening city in Europe – politically, culturally, and now tech-entrepreneurally (if there is such a word). Glad to see this city continue to get recognition in this manner. I can’t wait to get back there myself. Tks for writing this.

  10. Cool gouache-like sky in the first few photos. I agree that filters are well-suited to Berlin. The air’s thick with a special vibe and layers of the emotional experience of the streets here. Also, nice to see photos that don’t focus on the graffiti, which is cool but not the only nice thing about Berlin.

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