About that Microsoft & Skype story

In many ways it was perhaps the biggest (scoop) story of my life – Microsoft buying Skype for $8.5 billion. In fact, it was an end to a story that had been a major part of my working life in the 21st century. But when you look at 2011, there aren’t too many people dwelling on that story. Not even me! I guess in a year where AT&T-T-Mobile deal was announced and scrapped and Steve Jobs passed away and Kindle became the tablet to watch, it is hard to remember that Microsoft bet on Skype.

Andy Abramson, a friend laments that there is a lot less blogging about VoIP & communication, something I would blog quite often. I would say, that is not the case. The world moves to newer and more interesting things much faster than it used because we amidst a sea change in technologies, platforms and modalities. I have maintained my interest in many aspect of technologies, but the focus for me, always has been about innovation and its business impact. And that is how I think/write/work.

Gabe Rivera put out his list of Techmeme’s biggest stories of 2011 (as measured by height) and there were two stories of mine that made the cut — at #6 Guess who else wanted to buy Motorola and at the #7 spot, In AT&T & T-Mobile merger, everybody loses.

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