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  1. Hi OM
    Determining your goal is the first step and must be followed by a plan of small steps that will help you attain your goal. I used to say that my goal was continuous improvement but I like the way you stated it “I set simple goals to improve my life in incremental fashion.”

  2. Love this Om! This is the first year I have not had a ‘ritual’ to mark New Year’s Day…instead I have committed to taking better care of myself period. Happy New Year!

    1. +1 to that and good luck to you @marylonergan. Glad to think more people are thinking along these lines.

  3. I gave up resolutions last year. Goals are much easier to keep and track how well you are doing. I also gave up on the pressure to do something for NYE.

  4. Surviving on 4.5 hours of sleep has got to be hard Om. It is great to hear that you are making small adjustments that have a larger overall upside – another 90 minutes of sleep.

    Have a great 2012.

    1. Manoj

      Getting more sleep is hard. I think it is one of the more difficult things I have had to do in my life.

  5. New sleep schedule and decision around bedroom gadgets, sounds to me an excellent strategy for dealing with information overload.

    Not quite there myself, but have put black tape over LED’s in bedroom. No more pesky lights making bedroom looking like an all year round Christmas tree.

  6. The incremental approach sounds good.

    I rarely have resolutions – at least at the New Year – but the few I’ve had have been large changes where I wanted to make a public statement to friends that might make more more accountable and actually carry through.

    Last year I lost a lot of weight through exercise and less eating. This year I intend to keep it off and improve the quality of my cooking. Not having the weight return is physiologically difficult and a lot of evidence suggests you have to be vigilant for at least a decade, so this year’s challenge is probably more difficult.

    I’ve been a lacto-vegetarian for over 25 years (I have about a quart of dairy – mostly yogurt – a week). If you ever need tips or encouragement drop a line.

    Staying screen free is important. The first director I had believed everyone in his lab needed 3 or 4 hours of thinking time every day if they were to be productive. You were allowed to control your interruptions during this period. All of the phones were killed but you could walk to a different part of the building if you wanted to use one. I still cut myself off every day and consider it essential.

  7. Hey Om!
    Seems you have big challenges ahead, but nothing impossible.
    You should consider visiting Brazil also in 2012. This could be an easy one!
    Have a nice 2012.

  8. Resolutions are silly – they last a few days.

    Changing habits are hard. And you know that. And you are doing an awesome job of laying out there the habits you are going to change. Kudos my friend.

    Do you have a Fitbit? If not, tell me and I’ll get you one. It’ll help with both the walking and the sleeping – at least the measuring / feedback loop.

    Hope to see you at least once in 2012.

    1. Brad

      A lot of it is talking to folks like you that has helped me handle te changes better/smarter 😉

      Hope I lose as much weight in 2012 as u did in 2011

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