7 thoughts on “Over Notified”

  1. Hear a great quote yesterday from Chief Scientis at Salesforce.com JP Rangaswami, “there is no information overload, just a filtering problem. He’s right. That’s why Twitter invested in Summify for example, a daily ‘digest’ is a great tool

  2. @Jeff, If ($notification_received), then (aggregate_and_give_me_a_digest_at_the_end_of_the_day_and_mark_everything_as_read_when_received) 🙂

  3. Heard a great quote yesterday from JP Rangaswami (Chief Scientist at Salesforce.com) at the Mindtree summit; “there is no information overload, but a lack of good filters”, that’s so true and one reason I feel why Twitter acquired Summify (twitter daily digest tool).

  4. Hi my name is Ted, and I’ve been suffering from notification since I first got online. I believe I’m a recovering notification addict, but all I can do is take each day as they come. And if I get through that day in control, then it was a good day.

    (My best action is to turn off notifications immediately from any service I use, and try and control when I go look for events instead of them coming to me.)

  5. I empathise with the frustration of a constant stream of notifications.Your tweet posted just as Iwas considerng opting out of Google+ and/or Facebook…

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