4 thoughts on “The only value is creativity”

  1. I attended Kevin Systrom’s session at SXSW. One of the most important things he said was that “Instagram encourages you to see the world around you…see more of the world than less.”

    He argued that the ubiquity of photos was not hurting photography, but helping people pay attention to the awesomeness of their surroundings.

    I basically went on an Instagram with my hunt around NYC. I intentionally walk to and from Grand Central from 57th and Broadway just to capture interesting photos.

    Story short, I’ve always had the eye but I never had the proper tools to empower me. And I’ve basically used photos as status posts. They tell more than text.

    A lot of people still consider the social piece more of the add on as well. Many anonymous photographers, writers, and bands now have a significant following and legitimate business. Democratizing tools that enable us to create content around the devices and apps remind us that content is king. And free marketing on social platforms is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. When I was an undergrad I was taking a tough graduate level physics course from a *really* famous physicist who was known for being as playful as he was creative – creative enough to have been splashed with the Swedish holy water. One day he stopped the lecture, took out a piece of paper, and made some points on how to be creative.

    from my notebook:

    – be curious about anything and everything. expose yourself to different people and ideas

    – don’t be frightened to try the unknown. Many solve puzzles by figuring out what they can do with the puzzle pieces they have. A better approach is to figure out the missing pieces and solve a puzzle you don’t know anything about by learning about them.

    – remember it must be play

    – the delight is not in finding the answer, but in coming to it yourself

    – be totally honest

    – deeply know everything about your problem

    – real creativity simplifies – aim for simplicity as it is beautiful

    – get into something so deeply you forget everything else. you need large pieces of uninterrupted time

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