12 thoughts on “Repeat after me: it is Gandhi, not Ghandi”

  1. It is high time someone who can get the word across actually clarified this. A big thanks, OM !
    It bugs me every time someones misspells the great soul’s name. used to write to the editors of the responsible publication – pointing out the error, earlier – then got tired and lost count. It’s so widespread.

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    Apparently Francesca Ramos, the creator of that wonderful poster, discovered her error and corrected it perhaps more than a year ago. Even more interesting is how the original, uncorrected version that appeared on her tumblr was pinned on Pinterest, then grabbed for someone else’s tumblr, where it caught the eye of Om Malik, who posted a small rant about it on his site.

    Almost ironic I’d say.

  3. Thanks for this note Om Sir. It is highely irritating listening names wrongly. Probably those are ‘Hinglish’ effect, if India is considered.

  4. Just as most of our politicians think little of importance happens outside the Beltway, few Anglophones consider words, phrases and thought happening in other languages to be important.

    They are diminished by that fault.

  5. Om – Thank you so much for bringing this to the fore. As a Gandhi myself, it is unbelievable how many times my name is pronounced incorrectly & misspelt by banks, established global companies, and government institutions. I recently complained to the BBC (http://bbc.in/GQ71tg, http://bbc.in/HvdVCZ, ), a well respected British institution, who countess number of times misspell Gandhi as Ghandi in published news articles. And they are not the only ones. Its inexcusable. I find this not only hugely frustrating but also quite offensive. I really do not understand how this could be so difficult. Its Gandhi, not Ghandi!

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