9 thoughts on “Silicon Valley, a tale of two towns”

  1. Algorithmic future – sounds cool. Hope our incredible humaness is not lost, and what comes from our natural world is always cherished more than the what technology enables or at times replaces…. !

  2. I think that is what the conversation was all about. I will be writing a longer post later. Taking the weekend off.

  3. Please don’t confine this dialectical saga to the geography of Silicon Valley. There are some who rely on hype reside in places other than Silicon Valley…just as those who think differently may reside virtually anywhere.

  4. Richard,

    This was just an observation about the changing culture of the SV Region and growing schism in two different valley’s

  5. As someone who was born and raised in the South Bay / Silicon Valley I am reminded that the difference between Silicon Valley and other tech industry centers is that Hollywood is only 400 miles away, and getting closer every day. (Figuratively and literally due to tectonic plates )

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