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  1. Good, but that’s only one half of search’s problem. Besides search only being able to satisfy what we can ask of it, it also suffers from an inability to forge appropriate linkages that turn raw data into a response to a question.

  2. Search is limited, of course, but it seems counterintuitive to think that “information…finds you” solving the problem of the “data deluge.” Not to fall to ad hominem, but as a blogger, the need to discover new stories and information is overemphasized.

  3. Sounds like the behavioural advertising you already face today, and honestly, it is NOTHING desireable. It restricts information to what a machine decides (or calculates) to be relevant for me. At the time e.g. Google would morph into a search engine supporting “In the future, the information revolving around your interests finds you” by an algorithm change, I would turn to another competitor, which will then be there.

    – Steffen Konrath, NextLevelOfNews.com
    Future of Journalism and Media

  4. Information around my interests finds me today. I have friends on Twitter and Facebook who are interested in Tennis, I get to hear about Tennis events in the bay area – filtered by humans. I can always fine tune who I have in my circles to get better information (and filter out people). Do I really need a bot bringing me impersonal information?

  5. I wrote something about this way back when I was at Technorati:
    ” searching for keywords is missing the point.
    The great thing about weblogs is when you discover someone. Someone who makes sense to you, or someone who surprises you with a viewpoint you hadn’t thought of. Once you have found them you can subscribe to their feeds and see how they can keep inspiring or surprising you. ”

    People are the key mediators, and I’m not convinced that machines can grok interests better

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