8 thoughts on “Yo Zuck: You have come a long way dude”

  1. Brother Om – Youve come a loooooooooong way – im happy for your success. Used to love reading your articles and of course when you branched out with gigaom.. when it seemed the end was near.. Everyone else who didnt ended up at techcrunch or lord knows where so much love to you brother 🙂
    Screw zuck.. congratulations to you OMmmmm.. 😉
    not sure you were there during the original Cindy Margolis days.. first time in america 1999 – i beleive ned was the editor. God time flies.

  2. Pretty cool.

    “More from Business 2.0 Live chat: your new online salesperson The hijack-proof truck Server farm goes solar Fastest Growing Tech Companies Current Issue Subscribe to Fortune ”

    These lines in your post didnt make sense until I went to the archives. Clean it up, man!

  3. Senior editors can be more of a PITA than politicians. Those editors should beg to interview you, now.

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