6 thoughts on “Who is this Peymani dude?”

  1. Not sure what the point of this post is, but I don’t like the context of a ‘heavy weight’ such as yourself putting someone else on blast because Variety magazine said he has Silicon Valley ties. This epitomizes the cliquish mentality within Silicon Valley. I think I’ll choose to remain objective. You just got to imagine the guy seeing this, or his employers seeing it and wincing. I personally don’t like it. But, who the hell am I to say so… : )

    1. Sorry, I disagree. Hollywood tends to resort to hyperbole and there is no reason why I should buy into it. I think these half-truths creep into stories and become popular myths that have no bearing on reality. Don’t you think that praise and the labels should be deserved?

  2. That’s fair and he very likely doesn’t have the ties to warrant such a hyperbole, I just felt bad for the guy. If this post was about me, I’d want to hide under a rock. But, I assume he made assertions that he had ties, otherwise the Variety journalist pulled this out of nowhere, which isn’t likely.

    1. I am all for extreme caution when writing but sometimes you just have to be fair. I hope you understand.

  3. Om, found this thread searching “Who is Keyvan Peymani?” We’re an ICM portfolio company that was excited about the “deep Silicon Valley ties…” Nothing.

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