13 thoughts on “A Facebook Phone Design Mockup Worth Seeing”

    1. Have you seen the pocket on jeans these days 😉 actually you do bring up a good point. I think the design has some good elements to build from

  1. It is upside down. No?
    The heavy (thicker part) needs to be at the bottom.
    Humans hold these devices at the bottom for typing and calling.
    Just sayin’.


  2. Looks pretty sweet. I’d rather see something original than, yet another, iPhone knock off. I wish facebook would release a phone. Personally, I think it’s weird that most of our mobile interactions go through horrible iPhone apps(pick android or iphone they both suck). Facebook’s social graph is better suited for mobile anyway. Contacts: I want to meet someone in real life and tap our phones together to be friends on facebook. Timeline: I want a stream of my communication and activity with someone. They called me, I wrote on their wall, they poked me, I sent them a message, we grabbed coffee, I waited for two days before calling them to seem cool, etc. But I’m a dreamer.

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