8 thoughts on “Tablets: They are just different”

  1. It would be crazy to combine a phone, pda, mp3 player and camera. A phone is for making calls…120 million iPhones later. Does anybody really want to carry both a laptop and tablet around? One device makes sense to me.

  2. People don’t care what they’re using; they only care about what they can do, whenever they want to do. That’s what successful companies do. And that’s what largely successful companies tend to forget until forced to remember.

  3. I disagree completely. What Microsoft is doing is blurring the lines. It’s the opportunity that I think Apple is missing, actually. Don’t get me wrong, I ordered a Retina MBP minutes after it was announced (am typing on it now!), but I feel like Apple should already have a tablet that can also be a PC. The technology exists to be both without compromise, so why make the distinction?

  4. I don’t think a tablet needs a keyboard. A tablet is meant to be ultra portable, that mean it must be without keyboard or trackpad. It should have only a nice touchscreen so that we can use our fingers on it. What I think is if a giant like Microsoft is giving a keyboard and a trackpad with a device which is more of a tablet, then I assume Microsoft isn’t confident about the touchscreen of the so called “Surface” tablet. That is the main difference between Apple and Microsoft.

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