14 thoughts on “A different kind of staycation”

  1. Let me channel the health genie.

    Lots of walking around in new parts of the city, walking around old parts of the city you specially love.

    Moderate amounts of healthy food.

    Refresh the whole Om. i have no concern over you shirking the intellectual being; but, don’t forget the shell.

  2. That sounds like a delightfully long staycation and one that could end up providing lots if rest and inspiration. Any plans to avoid media or internet? I’m always curious about how that affects peoples’ creativity and output.

    1. None of those things. not making any appointments and essentially writing as and when fancy strikes me. IN addition, taking time to reach out to the more meaningful people in my life.

  3. Amen. Tried a extreme staycation here in KC yesterday. The only the extreme about it was the heat: 104 degrees. Going to try this again, next week in SF. Please leave the Pacific A/C on.

  4. My brother of the blog..I’m sorta doing the same thing, but I went to Europe and work some part of the day, go to wineries, work out, and then work more, then find a nice place to sit and read, while I sit back and enjoy some amazingly fresh fish, some nice wine, and talk to people who look at my iPad like it’s a Martian. I see the ocean from my deck, have a Turkish bath after my workout, and feel the love of life again…See you in September…unless you want to see how I blend wine in August. Yes, i totally get your idea of staycation, I just stay elsewhere πŸ™‚

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