A different kind of staycation

Last week we wrapped up Structure 2012, our fifth annual Internet Infrastructure conference. It is difficult to explain how much work goes into putting together an event like Structure. I work with wonderful people who make it all look easy, but that doesn’t mean I get to take it easy. However, earlier this month I promised to myself that once Structure was over, I was going to take a little break.

Most people would take a break from their jobs and go for a vacation. I am taking a whole different kind of vacation. let’s call it an extreme staycation. Only that I will stay in San Francisco.

Summer is a terrible time to go somewhere. There are too many tourists everywhere. I personally find October and February two of the best months to get away. Anyway I like the weather in San Francisco Bay Area. It is warm and cold at the same time.

The sound of fog horn, great coffee, and walking alongside lapping waves – isn’t that what we do when on vacation. We don’t have any routine. We enjoy the vacation days by living at a languid pace, giving our bodies and minds to slowdown. So that is exactly what I am going to do.

For rest of the summer – well that is up until the first week of September, I am not going to make any plans. No appointments. No planned meetings. No planned trips. I want to wake up every morning and have no routine. Instead, I am going to let serendipity take control of my life. Why? Because I believe that a strict regimen sometimes comes in the way of creative thinking. I need to let my brain breathe and rejuvenate without worrying about deadlines or fretting over news.

Next few weeks are all about words – consuming & creating lots of words.

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