4 thoughts on “In praise of shirts”

  1. Something I find surprising about shirts, though, is how little they’ve changed in so long. I’m as fashion-blind as the next geek, but I still wonder about the persistence of the basic design for shirts. Especially the collar, actually. Sure, they’ve changed in length and shape. But why haven’t they varied more? Apart from their use with ties, why are they so indistinctive?
    In fact, I tend not to like dress shirt collars that much. I prefer “mandarin” (“Nehru”, “Mao”…) collars.
    Of course, I may be way off. Maybe designers find shirt collars to be an amazingly innovative part of menswear. Of course, Wikipedia articles on shirts and collars have mentions of several styles and such. But it still sounds like something relatively static, in fashion history.

    1. Enkerli

      I know what you are saying but frankly I am just a purist when it comes to collars 🙂 one of those things about getting old.

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