4 thoughts on “The Best Camera Under $700”

  1. I second this – I’ve been using a NEX-5N since last October with great results. Every camera is a compromise, but this travels well and takes great photos. I love my sister’s Nikon D800, but it is completely impractical for the photography I do. And my iPhone 4 (not the S — I’m waiting for the 5) is excellent for those times when it is impractical to carry the Sony.

    I’ve become a great believer in simplicity and, with experience, realize amazing images can be taken with almost anything if you are good enough Often the constraints of a simple camera are the best path to inspiring creativity.

    Now of someone could just make something with the near perfect user experience of my old Leica range finder (already ancient when I bought it 30 years ago – I think it was made in 1950)

    1. I have fallen in love with a standalone camera and have been using it quite a bit to learn the art of portraits.

    1. I have a GF-1 and I totally love it. I just think the new Nex5n is more contemporary and upto data in terms of features

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