2 thoughts on “Surface Tension”

  1. As widely reported, Ballmer said at the 2010 company meeting that they wouldn’t be afraid to make their own hardware. I wonder if this is what he was referring to. I think it’s absolutely the right move. I think the developer story is excellent, and I’m not sure why they’re worried about it.

  2. OS margins/profit dollars on a per/device basis are shrinking and much smaller than apple’s . MSFT should make h/w, they need to develop extensive supply chain control, to drive higher profit dollars/device. time will tell how successfully they can implement hardware/firmware/design. They’ve never really developed an ecosystem, like iTunes, they’ve essentially been selling commodity software ( a decision made long ago in the PC Mesozoic era), the end user sales experience, ecosystem and ‘high touch’ customer retail stores are not instantiated. One wonders ‘if they really get it’.. obviously the profit issue is a pain point, but do they really understand, how difficult it is to compete with the likes of Apple and meanwhile undermine all their OEMs in the process.. it’s gonna be interesting.

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