4 thoughts on “Group think is enemy of good design”

  1. Strictly subjective; but, the premise doesn’t hold hold up as a rule IMHO.

    I worked for a spell for an English company. My first trip over the pond to sort product introductions to the US included final management decision on a new product introduction. We had to finalize graphics and look, name the model/product.

    We all agreed on the appearance. I came up with a name – and reasons why – it took another day; but, my suggestion won out. And in its particular niche, it was a success, a trend setter, nowadays considered an old classic.

    I think it was productive that different internal responsibilities contributed to the final product. Of course, none of us was visionary. 🙂

  2. I’ve experienced many a (brain numbing) meeting where a group serves only to please each other. In this case the best ideas are watered down until they are almost useless. Decision by committee is, in my opinion, the worst decision made.

    On the other hand, presenting an idea to a group, defending that idea against any and all arguments, is the best thing that can happen to an idea.

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