One thought on “Kindle Fire is the new retail store”

  1. Wholly agree. Amazon looks to be securing their customer base (and future base) with a very heavy, indispensable “anchor and hook” combination that allows consumers to shop for anything their heart desires and be entertained with awesome content. And this delightful customer experience is then reinforced when that smily package shows up on their doorstep a mere 16 hours later. You’re right about targeting children. In my own household, my toddlers are already the biggest users of our Kindle and iPad. We/they will gravitate (i.e. in the form of mom and dad’s hard-earned dollars) towards the platform that has the best digital content. Whoever can build a super-friendly UX and secure the latest “Thomas the Train” or “Daniel the Tiger” episodes will win. The old mantra “Content is King” is alive and well. The device cost is truly immaterial. Full disclosure: we have a family member who works at Amazon who is not me and these thoughts are my own. 🙂

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