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    1. Frank,

      You are right but a little heft makes the iPhone 4S feel a little more solid. Maybe it will all be forgotten in a couple of days!

  1. Perhaps someone will make an iPhone 5 case out of lead to give it the heft you desire. JK. I certainly seems that the new case is more drop-proof than the glass backed 4/4S.

    The latest Geekbench scores show that the A6 processor is a screamer. The A6, combined with the LTE connection, will make the iPhone 5 very snappy to use.

    1. Kevin

      Your point about A6 and LTE is spot on and makes all the difference. I am guessing they have done a lot of engineering to make it work seamlessly!

  2. Om, from a purely technical point of view, do you believe the iPhone 5 to be a revolutionary device? I am sure it’s a wonderful product, like all Apple products are, but at the end of the day, I think they are running the risk of being out-innovated by someone lurking around the corner, whoever that may be. What’s your take?

  3. Om, my cousin bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 last Saturday after selling his iPhone 4s….

    …He sold his Samsung Galaxy S3 that Monday and went to the Apple Store to buy an unlocked iPhone 4s again.

    That reminded me of your post about how and why the iPhone is simply the best overall phone MOST humans (maybe not techies). Actually I now think the best smartphone for technie Android people are Windows phones with 4 true USB ports, an NVidia graphics chip, a real but ergonomic gaming keyboard, and 9-10 inch screen. That’s the best phone for techies.

  4. I don’t even view it as an issue of hardware. I don’t understand how anyone who has used Windows Phone and live tiles can go back to iOS with a grid of icons that do nothing and feel that it’s useful.

  5. I have no intention of getting an iPhone, despite loving Steve Jobs – and since his death I promised not to buy an Apple product out of sympathy – other than his Biography – well there is an interesting question – is his Biography an Apple product?

  6. I’ve done the iOS 6 upgrade on my 4S – very happy with it, so no plans to change up any time soon. If and when 4G is finally up and running here in the UK (the spectrum auction having been brought forward after the other carriers complained about Everything Everywhere (the new name for T-Mobile + Orange) jumping the gun by using up some of their old 2G spectrum) I may reconsider – that is the only compelling reason I can see for getting the iPhone 5.

    To be honest, the 4S feels just fine and dandy in my hand, and I have no complaint with its performance. Sadly, the same cannot be said for my now-2-year-old iPad Classic – definitely feeling more sluggish these days, and the lack of iOS 6 is niggling. Torn over whether to trade it to cover the cost of a Retina iPad or hang onto it to either use as a bedside alarm / radio / reader or to test apps I’ll be developing in the future for compatibility.

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