iPhone 5: LTE vs WiFi shootout

Being a networking nerd, the first thing that I did with my new iPhone 5 – compare LTE speeds with my WiFi network. My WiFi network is powered by a 200 Mbps fiber connection from WebPass, a local San Francisco Internet service provider.

  • I am getting much higher WiFi speeds, thanks to an upgrade in the WiFi capabilities including dual-band support. The iPhone 5 now supports the 802.11a network protocol and uses the 5GHz band. This is great news… now my iPad, Macbook Pro and iPhone are all getting similar speeds.
  • Wow! For now LTE upload speeds are kicking the pants off my WiFi, which is powered by a symmetric connection.
  • How long before LTE starts to degrade?
  • My perspective: the 5 GHz/802.11n support is pretty big deal and is going to have more impact, though it isn’t clear just yet.

A letter from Om

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