UP 2.0

UP Lifestyle Female Hand

Think of it as UP 2.0 — an updated, and improved version of the wearable computing that was launched by San Francisco-based consumer devices company, Jawbone. The original version came to market with much fanfare a year ago, generated a lot of attention, but then fell on hard times when it failed to live up to its lofty expectations. It was a reminder of the product truism — don’t over promise, but always over deliver.

Jawbone, which cut its teeth making noise-cancelling bluetooth headsets for mobile phones, learnt that the hard way. Chastised, it went back to the drawing board, redrew the plans for the gadget and is coming back to the market — again. It is betting that dozens of improvements packed inside the device will help it attract customers again. Another reason to be hopeful — these are early days for wearable computers.”

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