President Obama & Tech Wish List

Vivek Wadhwa, who writes a column for The Washington Post reached out to technology industry leaders and influencers and asked them what technology sector needs from US President Barack Obama in his second term.

Here are my two wishes. They would be the same for any president, regardless of political affiliation. 

  1. The number one thing he needs to do is ensure a free and open Internet and a progressive broadband policy. If he doesn’t do that, we lose the battle of the future. Currently the telecom and cable companies have created a cosy duopoly and he and rest of Washington DC are highly compromised, thanks to their (telecoms and cable companies) contributions to the political parties. There is not even a modicum of competition in telecom/broadband markets. 
  2. Secondly, there should be an innovation incentive for companies. For every new product invented by the company that goes into production and creates over 100 jobs, a company should be rewarded by an innovation incentive. It is like a tax break, but not in perpetuity.

You can read Vivek’s full column here

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