6 thoughts on “Living by the iShuffle Principle”

  1. +1 Om, about 20 years ago when I was in my early 20’s living in NY, I had an epiphany and realized that I could only wear 1 pair of shoes at a time even though I owned close to 50 pairs. That realization changed my life, optics and values. ~@AAinslie

  2. I have far too much stuff that I don’t need. This approach is much better and I’ve been slowly moving to it myself. I have a sense that the younger generation I connect with (mostly 20 – 35) are adopting the approach too as they move away from ownership of many things. A few of them can move about with a few suitcases and a couple of boxes.

    If this is adopted by even 10% of the population there are some potentially fascinating consequences. I suspect San Francisco is a potential ground zero for this as is New York – or probably even more – Brooklyn. Definitely something that needs to be on the radar screens of anthropologists.

    1. Steve

      I have not really thought about this as a way of life but you are right that we need to rethink our consumption patterns and how we look at our and planet’s future. I am still not there but in 2013, my goal is to slowdown my consumption. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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