Living by the iShuffle Principle

In 2005, I mused about what I called the iShuffle principle. I started to take that approach of curating the playlist of my life,just I would curate the iPod Shuffle playlist by packing it with songs that meant something. In 2010, I was getting good at creating that short list, but still hadn’t licked it. 

The original iPod Shuffle sent me on a mission of whittling down a lot of things and packing them into a couple of suitcases.That behavior of self-editing has started to spread into other parts of my life. In the past, I would take a flyer on mainstream clothing brands – but now I don’t think about the brand, but about the shirt I absolutely love, the jeans that are an ideal fit and a watch that I will wear for rest of my life. I have even started to forgo coffee if I can’t get it from a handful of places known for their quality. I only buy the paper editions of books I absolutely love — the rest of them are simply Kindle downloads.

As 2012 comes to a close, I think I might be succeeding and have reduced things I want to carry with me to three suitcases and about a dozen boxes. Over next five years, if I can get to a single suitcase and six boxes, I would be pretty thrilled. 

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