Eleven (years of blogging)

I have published GigaOM a lot longer before it was a blog. It was a website where all the links went to articles from Forbes, Red Herring and other publications I used to write for. It was an archive for all my email newsletters. It was home to my resume. But in December 2001, MovableType’s Ben Trott installed the MovableType software for me and with that GigaOm, the blog was born.

This year, I celebrated its eleventh birthday by taking a quiet walk down embarcadero on a very rainy day, musing about how the world (and blogging has) changed since then. I thought about how blogging changed me, my view of the world, and how I practice the art of writing. It helped me discover my voice and myself. 

When I started to blog in earnest, the masters of blogging at the time were (and still are) folks such as Dave Winer, Doc Searls, Anil Dash and Dave Pell. They were the best role models for anyone who was interested in the fine art (or craft) of blogging. They were generous with tips, time and suggestions. Most importantly, they were generous in spreading the word, but linking to a rank newcomer. And they still are the best practitioners of blogging. I enjoyed reading them. I learned from them. And I wanted to follow in their footsteps. Not a day goes when I don’t make my way towards their blogs – and not their twitter feeds. Stopping at their web homes is walking down the neighborhood, pausing and saying hello to everyone.

But the world of blogs has blossomed since those early days. Blogging has become big business. I am glad to have turned GigaOM into a platform for smart, intelligent and analytical voices. From the very beginning our focus has been on the business of technology.  We try hard to add context and analysis and go a little deeper than the daily news, because that’s where we think the most value lies — and we try to stick to our blogging roots by injecting a little of ourselves into it as well.

As a group, we tend to have a bias towards real technology and thinking and focusing on future is a default state for our team. What started as one voice is now a symphony composed of smart, fun, interesting and lovers of real technology, who honor me by helping my dream turn into reality. I have now seen four generations of technology bloggers come to center stage – each one is different, each one unique and each one interesting. There are so many to single out, so I won’t. Reading something unique, provocative and interesting still gives me a kick.

Today, I also get a lot of joy from helping newcomers getting started into technology blogging– whether they are part of team GigaOM or not. Winer & Searls pushed me forward, and I am just doing the same. New minds means new perspectives and new thinking — and there is nothing more fun than that.

Last year, I shared statistics as part of the 10-year-anniversary report card. The eleventh year wasn’t quite the same as my previous 10 years. I posted about a post a day — 363 in total for the year. The posts here fewer, but longer – on an average about 800 words. Of course, I have been active here on om.co, mostly because there is no reason for me to distract you from the fine work of my colleagues by my photos of blue skies, chatter about the Yankees and musings about shoes.

But, as the year winds down, I am wondering what I want to do during the next twelve months. I am going to continue to write about technology, trends and companies, but the focus will be more on the future of technology and its impact on society and business. I am looking to focus on the science of technology. But most importantly, I am looking to divorce myself from the vicious and demanding news cycle. As someone who grew up on breaking news, this will perhaps be the toughest thing to give up — even tougher than giving up smoking!

Of course, Om.co will continue to be a daily blotter of my life with usual fare — photos, people I meet, random musings, Yankees, shoes, bags and tips about interesting brands. Except for one small addition — I will start doing more posts about lessons I have learned as a writer, founder, start-up junkie and a dreamer.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey.

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