One thought on “Sensors, Connectivity & Hyper Personalization of Physical Things”

  1. Once a week, I get in the passenger seat of my wife’s shiny new Ford – going to town grocery shopping. She never even used the radio in her old car.

    Now, she presses the Sync button, tells it to start Pandora – her iPhone is already talking to the head unit via Bluetooth – and she has a range of music that suits her every whim.

    Ford has done a great job of bringing Sync up to everything it wasn’t when they got it from MSoft. And she is enjoying her commute more ways than she ever thought of the number of years in her old Volvo.

    On Apple TV, we just watched the interview Leo did with Ford’s software/app evangelist at CES and she’s enthusiastically waiting for more Ford apps to hit the app store.

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