What is home in the connected age?

This past weekend I ended up having coffee with Craig Mod, who in my mind is one of the best thinkers about world of information, publishing, content and its interplay with human senses, especially on the new mobile devices and digital platforms. He ran a publishing company in Japan and worked for Flipboard and is now working on a plethora of projects.

We ended up talking about a whole range of subjects, but the one I thought was worth sharing was the notion of home. Home, in the connected age is such a fluid concept, given how much we are always moving from one place to another, like proverbial free agents. While I grew up in New Delhi, I feel New York is home. Craig who is from Connecticut moved to Tokyo when he was 19 and thinks of the Japanese metropolis as his home. And the reason, he put so eloquently, we think of these two cities as home is because of our formative experiences. Those experiences define how we view the world.

Our physical interaction with a place defines how we feel about that place. New York’s streets and corners have a story attached to them and I guess that gives a sense of belonging, and in the process act as a markers on the timeline called life. I don’t feel that same way about San Francisco, even though I have lived here for 10 years. I guess, it will always be a place where I live, just not home.

Anyway, if you don’t follow Craig on his blog and on Twitter.

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